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In your arms, here tonight

Love reigns, with our hearts beating it's tune
One look into your beautiful eyes spins my world around
Verifying every unspoken word that you whisper in my ear
Every moment with you is heaven among the stars

You, my life, my love, are everything there is to want
Opening my soul to you is the best gift I could ever receive
Understand, please, this high chaos of emotions I need not fence in

Can you feel this too
Have you received my message written in a language only the true half of me can find?
Right here, right now, all that ever mattered and will come is no longer a concern
In your arms, here tonight, we are as one
Sold to the dreams of when the tonights turn into mornings awakening in your arms
Yes, I have resorted to a default preview picture. I am sick of haveing to make one for EVERY. SINGLE. POEM. I mean, jeez, I have a ton of the freeking things :O Anyways, this is another one of my older ones written sometime in the last year. Read down the side letters for a special message. Of course, written for the one and only love in my life, *TheEternalDragon
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xxemoxxstarxx Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2004
thats so sweet and cute. i love the special message. i always try to do things like that. nice work.!
DavidFolkie Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2004
You are the undisputed ruler of this type of writing; your words flow so beautifully, imparting the emotional content to the reader so effortlessly. Writing poetry is hard, but you make it look easy! :clap: :+fav:
MyOwnFallacy Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2004
:blush: Man, you really do boost my poetry ego :D Thanks so much for everything david!!
kd8lmno Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
Such a beautiful poem!! Very romantic, and very sweet. I love how well it's worded, too.
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October 9, 2004
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